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The general Samsung return policy is 30 days. To be eligible for a refund, you must return the products within the first 30 days. If you discover a technical defect, transport damage, or receive an unordered product, you can promptly request a return by placing your request directly with customer service. Requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) within 30 days requires your products to be undamaged and in perfect condition.

Details About Samsung Returns

Information Details 
Website Samsung 
Return time 30 days
Return medium Home Pickup 
Exchange 30 days
Refund method Original mode of payment 
Contact 1-800-726-7864

Samsung Return Method

Samsung offers exceptional services in terms of new features, returns, and exchange policies. The company requires you to safely return their products.

The product must be returned at the customer’s expense after it undergoes an examination. Following the examination, you will receive a credit note.

  • Samsung’s unique return policy mandates Dead On Arrival (DOA) from customers, as detailed in the company’s return procedure.
  • To return your Samsung products, ensure they are certified as Dead on Arrival (DOA) by Samsung’s authorized service centers.
  • Samsung offers certified products as Dead on Arrival (DOA) for those experiencing performance issues at authorized service centers.
  • Samsung representatives will return the product and accessories in their original packaging box to the seller or retailer.
  • To arrange for the pickup, you can call 1800 40 7267864.
  • A man will pick up your package with a copy of the DOA Sealed product, provided you provide an image.
  • Avoid tampering with the DOA receipt as it is required for product return.

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Samsung Return Policy for Mobile and Tablets

  • To file a complaint, visit the official website within 24 hours of delivery. 
  • Ensure to provide them with an image of your product.
  • If the product is unavailable, a refund will be issued within 10 days of the complaint being registered.
  • Samsung will not issue a refund and a return policy will be implemented if the product is found to have been damaged post-delivery to the customer.
  • Samsung shop or Savex Technology Pvt ltd. will inform you about the investigation within 10 days in such cases.

Samsung Return Policy For Home Appliances and Electronics

Household appliances require more space to provide optimal services, and failure to function can lead to immediate complaints and not standing for a minute. Here provides essential information on electronics and household appliances, emphasizing the importance of keeping these factors in mind.

  • The package was opened in the presence of a Samsung engineer.
  • Samsung engineers aim to schedule defective products within 72 hours of delivery.
  • It is advised not to unbox the product without the presence of a Samsung engineer.
  • Samsung engineers can repair proven damage as part of the process.
  • To return a defective product, contact Samsung through their website and review their return policy before applying for the process.
  • Samsung reserves the right to investigate and rectify the issue upon receiving the product for return.
  • The product should be packed once Samsung confirms its return.

What is The Samsung Refund Policy?

Samsung offers refunds for both in-store and online returns, ensuring that the original payment method is used for the refund. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable. The company offers a refund within 5-7 days for the original payment method.

Samsung will refund the original payment within 5-7 days for credit/debit card users, with refunds in the form of a credit card. Cash and checks take 5-7 days to process.

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What is Exceptions of Samsung Returns?

The company’s policy allows customers to return most items within 30 days of purchase for a refund using the original payment method. The company’s standard policy is 30 days, with some exceptions listed below.

  • The product must be in its original condition and have an IMEI number within 15 days.
  • Report product issues within 24 hours of delivery for mobiles, tablets, and wearables. Replacement and refunds will be provided within 10 days of receiving the product, reflected within 21 days in the customer’s account.
  • To address memory and storage issues, please contact the Samsung service center at 1800-40-7267864.
  • Samsung engineers must install consumer electronics and household applications within 72 hours of delivery for eligible returns, and complaints must be made within 48 hours of the engineers’ visit for a refund.

What Are Samsung Return Conditions?

Samsung’s return policy emphasizes the importance of understanding the terms and conditions before returning a product. 

  • The company will only cover functional defects.
  • The company is not able to address the issues related to network and software.
  • The accessories, including the box, should be readily available for the handset.
  • The company is not addressing feature-related issues that do not align with the specifications.
  • The service center is committed to assisting consumers in resolving any issues or defects they encounter.

Tips To Return At Samsung

Before returning a product, it is essential to follow the following guidelines:

  • The product will be refused for return if unboxed without the installation representative’s consent or their presence.
  • Samsung has the authority to inspect and deny the return of the product.

Samsung Gift Card Policy

Samsung Pay is expanding its partnerships with various companies, offering a complete list of gift card merchants. Users can add existing gift cards purchased outside of Samsung Pay by opening the Samsung Pay app and selecting the merchant. 

Gift card balances can be checked in Samsung Pay, but merchants may have different rules. There are no fees for purchasing or using gift cards, but users should refer to the merchant’s terms and conditions. Gift cards are non-refundable once loaded into Samsung Pay, and re-provisioning can be done by contacting Samsung Pay Customer Service.

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Samsung Warranty Policy

The warranty is valid only when the warranty card is completed and proof of purchase is provided. Samsung’s obligations are limited to repair defects or replacement of defective parts or the product itself. 

The warranty does not cover periodic checks, maintenance, abuse, misuse, accidents, acts of God, lightning, water, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations, or any cause beyond Samsung’s control. The warranty is not transferable and does not affect consumers’ rights.

Samsung Contact Details

To contact Samsung Electronics Customer Service, dial 1-800-726-7864, select the appropriate option, or hold for a representative to assist you. Samsung Electronics provides round-the-clock customer service via their website-provided phone number, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience.

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Most purchases typically require a refund within 5-7 days, with exceptions made for certain circumstances.

Samsung allows you to return your product within 28 days of receiving it after opening it.

If you receive a defective item, you can inform the company representatives within 24 hours of delivery and your item will be replaced.

Returns are only accepted if the authorized service center declares the product dead upon arrival.

Dead On Arrival is a tag used by Samsung service centers after conducting checks on products for return or exchange.

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