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What is EyeBuyDirect Return Policy?

EyeBuyDirect allows its customers to make a return, if they are not happy with the purchase. If they do not find exactly what they want, EyeBuyDirect always wants customer satisfaction so you can easily return your purchase. Eye Buy Direct has a good return window, allowing its customers to return a product within 14 days of purchase or delivery.

During this return window you can request for a full refund or choose to exchange. Also EyeBuyDirect provides you with a 12 month guarantee on their products. The return product must be in its original condition and its original packaging. Make sure that your product is not damaged. The product must be in its good and sellable condition.

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Details about EyeBuyDirect Returns:

Information Details
Return time 14 days
Return MethodOnline
Refund MethodOriginal payment method
Contact 1 855 393 2891

What is the EyeBuyDirect Return Method?

The only way to return the product to EyeBuyDirect is via mail. It is an easy and quick way to return or exchange the product. As EyeBuyDirect is an online retailer, it provides you two options, to return by logging to your account or by directly calling the customer service number.

EyeBuyDirect Returns

EyeBuyDirect Online Return Policy:

As per Eye Buy Direct return policy, if you are not satisfied with the purchase you can return it within 14 days of purchase. You must follow the give steps to make a return if you are sure of your return:

  • First, you will need to login to your EyeBuyDirect Account.
  • Go to “My Order Section”.
  • Click on the return item option. Remember that the Return item option will be available for three months after placing the order.
  • Then go to purchase history.
  • Select the item which you want to return or exchange.
  • The customer service team will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours for further details.
  • The Customer Service team will help you pack and ship the product back to EyeBuyDirect.
  • Pack and ship the product accordingly.

Return by Calling Customer Service:

If you are hesitant to return the product from their website. They offer you easy return by just contacting the EyeBuyDirect customer service team. You can contact them by calling at 1 855 393 2891 or sending an email at [email protected] for initiating the return.

What is EyeBuyDirect Replacement Policy?

According to EyeBuyDirect standard return policy you can replace your return product with any product. You will have to pay the difference if your chosen product is higher in value then the return product. EyeBuyDirect will give you a refund if your replacement product is lower in value.

You can replace your product within 14 days of purchase. The only method to replace your product is to send the product back to the EyeBuyDirect via mail. The return product must be undamaged and must fulfill the EyeBuyDirect’s return policy requirement. For more queries contact the customer service department.

What is EyeBuyDirect Return Exception?

  • You may not be eligible to make a return of the damaged product. If it is damaged due to an accident or your carelessness then you are not able to return.
  • You are not able to return EBD Credits at EyeBuyDirect.
  • Replacement cannot be returned to EyeBuyDirect.
  • They allow you to use $50 EBD credit for one order.

What is EyeBuyDirect Refund Policy?

EyeBuyDirect Return policy is quite generous, they will allow you to return your product and you can request for a refund. Refunds will be issued in 48 hours in the original payment method only after your return is accepted. Ensure that the product has not been tampered with or else returns may not be accepted by the EyeBuyDirect.

If you use a credit card your refund will also be issued in your credit card. Shipping fee and other handling charges are non-refundable.

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What is EyeBuyDirect Return Policy after 14 days?

According to EyeBuyDirect return policy, you have only 14 days to return your product. After 14 days, you are not allowed to make a return. As EyeBuyDirect offers a 1 year guarantee, if there is a defect in manufacturing then you can make a return after 14 days. Otherwise your return will be rejected.

What are EyeBuyDirect Return Conditions?

If you want a successful return at EyeBuyDirect, then you must follow the EyeBuyDirect return policy’s Condition:

  • The product must be returned in its original condition.
  • The product must be sealed, undamaged or unworn.
  • You must submit the proof of purchase with the product to make a return.
  • All tags must be intact with the product.
  • After shipping the items back to the company it is your responsibility to inform them via phone, chat, email, or text message so they can initiate your refund or replacement.
  • Customers can use $50 EyeBuyDirect Referral credits per order.

EyeBuyDirect Customer Service Hours:

Feel free to chat, whenever it is easy for you. You can call, email or live chat. You will get the best Customer service 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

EyeBuyDirect Contact Details:

You can call at 1 855 393 2891. Send an email at [email protected]

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EyeBuyDirect has a very straightforward return policy. You may have to return your product within 14 days of purchase. The product must be returned in its original condition.

Refunds will be issued within 48 hours in the form of the original payment you used initially. You will receive a confirmation email once your refund process has completed at EyeBuyDirect.

If you make a return your product must be in its original condition. If you have used heavily then you can’t make a return to EyeBuyDirect.

No, EyeBuyDirect will not accept your return after 14 days. You must return your product within 14 days of purchase.

If you received a faulty or damaged product contact our customer support department. They will help you to make a return in that case, shipping fee and other handling charges will be borne by the company.

No, returns are only accepted via mail. The company does not operate a store model.

No, EyeBuyDirect does not accept the return of worn and used products. It may depend on the condition of the return product if it has been altered in any way then you can’t make a return.

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