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Decathlon return policy provides a stress-free shopping experience. You can confidently make purchases knowing that easy returns and exchanges are available for your convenience.

Decathlon Return Policy:

Decathlon is a French-based retail store of sports goods, with up to 2080 stores in 56 countries. Did you purchase products from Decathlon and change your mind? Or if you are unsatisfied with the product you purchased because it didn’t meet your expectations.

You don’t have to worry, as Decathlon offers a 90 days refund period. Returns take 3-4 days to process after receiving your product at the service center. Decathlon Return Policy allows to return the products both online and in-store.

Make sure that the products are in good and original condition. The products should have all the tags attached to them. Used, damaged, or improperly handled products cannot be returned. If you purchase products from other retail stores, they cannot be returned to Decathlon.

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Details of Decathlon Returns:

Return Period90 days
Store TimingsUS Timings: 8:00 AM -3:00 PM
Exchange Period90 days
MediumsOnline, In-store
Exchange Days3-4 days
Email[email protected]

Decathlon Return Policy Methods:

Decathlon Return Policy provides assistance to return products to Decathlon online and in-store.

Decathlon Return Policy In-store:

You can return the products you purchased to Decathlon in-store. All you need to do is ensure the product is in pristine condition. The product should be in its original packaging and free of defects. Bring your product with its receipt to the store. The staff will help you with the return method. You will receive the refund in the original form of payment.

Decathlon Returns

Decathlon Return Policy Online:

To return the order online, you need to

  • Go to Decathlon’s official website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to Online Order Returns.
  • Enter your order number.
  • Enter your ZIP, phone number, or email.
  • Register your return and select the items you want to return.
  • Please mention a valid reason for return.
  • Print your return label.
  • Drop the package at the shipping courier with the original packaging and all the tags affixed.

Refund Policy of Decathlon Process and Timeline:

Per the policy, you can get a refund for your products within 90 days. You can get a refund if your product is in its original condition and is not damaged. Refunds can be made online and in-store. You will receive the refund in the original mode of payment. If you use PayPal, the amount will be refunded to your account. Refunds usually take 48 hours to appear in the account. 


Decathlon Exchange Policy:

Decathlon provides an exchange policy both in-store and online. The exchange period is 90 days. Exchanges can be made online as well as in-store. You can exchange or replace a damaged item with a different size or color. If you exchange online, please purchase the exchange items on the website for the item you are exchanging. Exchanges take 3-4 days after the product arrives at the service center.

Time Duration of Decathlon Return Policy:

The time duration for returns and exchanges is 3-4 days after the product reaches Decathlon’s return center. The product is checked for eligibility. If there is a problem, Decathlon contacts the customer. The refunds are made using the original payment method. Refunds appear after 48 hours.

Gift Card Policy of Decathlon:

Per Decathlon’s policy, gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash, even if they are slightly used. Gift cards cannot be refunded or redeemed, nor can they be sold. You must pay the difference if you use a gift card to buy something. 

What products is Decathlon offering?

Decathlon offers sporting gear and equipment, including bikes, camps, hiking clothing, backpacks, weight training gear, golf, fishing, mountaineering gear, archery gear, and racket sports gear such as badminton and pickleball.


Decathlon Return Exceptions:

A few exceptions provided by Decathlon are:

  • Gift cards are not accepted for return.
  • Final sale and clearance products cannot be returned.
  • Personal protective or safety equipment cannot be returned.

Conditions of Decathlon Returns:

Before making a return, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • The products being returned to Decathlon should not be modified.
  • The product must be in its original condition with all tags affixed.
  • Products must not be used, defective, or damaged in any way.
  • The tags of the products must not be defaced.

Decathlon Money Back Guarantee:

If the products you returned or refunded are not damaged, misused, or modified, you will receive the amount back in the original mode of payment used while purchasing the product.

Warranty Claim Policy of Decathlon:

Decathlon’s products have a two-year warranty, and the bike frames have a lifetime warranty.

To claim the warranty of your products from Decathlon, you need to have the original receipt of your purchases. Only then will you be able to claim your warranty rights. Decathlon provides a limited warranty on products against defects from the date the product was purchased. The products must have Decathlon’s logo or trademark, which should not be faded. The warranty doesn’t apply to any counterfeit products. If you replace your product during the warranty period, the replaced product will have the remaining original product warranty.

Decathlon doesn’t provide a warranty on the following:

  • Damages from wear and tear.
  • Defects from negligence, misuse, abuse, and non-Decathlon products.
  • Products exposed to natural conditions such as liquids or gases.
  • Products modified without the permission of Decathlon.
  • Products with defaced serial numbers.

The customer service representative will ask for your name, address, receipt, date of purchase, and telephone number and will provide you with instructions on how to send the product to the service center.

Delivery and Shipping Policy of Decathlon:

In California, Decathlon provides shipping in approximately 2 days. For other states, there is no guaranteed shipping time. There is a one-week time limit for fitness equipment and bikes. The standard shipping charges in the U.S. are $49. Discount amounts and gift cards can be used for minimum charges of shipping. But some exclusions include

  • Large accessories and products.
  • Sale and clearance of products.
  • Orders mentioned as wholesale products.

You can also get your orders quickly from the Decathlon distribution center. The address is mentioned below:


7230 Edgewater Dr.
Oakland, CA 94621

Decathlon Return Policy without Receipt:

You must return a product with a receipt. You can only return a product if you have an original receipt or the label if you ordered online and the product is in its original condition.

Decathlon’s Order Cancellation Policy:

You can contact customer service at [email protected] or go to your Decathlon account.

  • Go to “My Purchases”.
  • Select the order you want to cancel.

If your order is past the “In Preparation” status, you can contact Decathlon to see if it can still be canceled. If your product is already in the shipment process and you no longer want it, you can either refuse to take the order or you can take it and return it to Decathlon.

If you used a credit/debit card for the purchase, you would receive it back in 3-5 business days. If you used your gift card, a new one would be emailed in 24 hours.

Tips for Making Returns at Decathlon:

A few decathlon return policy tips for making returns are:

  • Return the product within 90 days.
  • Make sure it’s in unused and original condition.
  • All the tags should be affixed.
  • Don’t return items purchased from other retail shops to Decathlon.

Faulty Return Policy of Decathlon:

You can return faulty products in-store. The staff will look into your products and investigate the damage. You also have the option to return the faulty products received via online order by contacting Customer Service. Customer Service will arrange a free return for you. You may be required to send pictures of the damaged product. If the damage has been done on purpose, Decathlon will not allow the return of that product. There would be no exchange or refund for the items not having a warranty.

Store Timings:

The store hours of the Decathlon store in the United States (US) are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM every day.

Decathlon Contact Details:

You can either chat, or send a message to Customer Service on their website, or you can email Decathlon Customer Service at [email protected]

Social Media Handles:


After receiving them at the return center, returns take 3-4 days to process. Decathlon return policy usually takes 48 hours for it to appear in your account.

Yes, you can exchange the product online by ordering the replacement product on the website.

Decathlon’s policy offers a 2-year warranty from the date the product is purchased.

The email provided by Decathlon is

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