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Backcountry Return Policy 2024 | Navigating Easy Returns with Expert Tips

Discover the key to stress-free returns with Backcountry Return Policy guide. Dive into expert tips, easy steps, and insider tricks for maximizing your returns. Make the most of your shopping experience with our comprehensive guide – your ticket to hassle-free adventures.

What is Backcountry Return Policy?

Backcountry return policy does not specify a specific time frame for returning unused or new items, allowing customers to return them at any time they wish. The policy allows for a 30-day return period for used items purchased within 30 days of the purchase date.

Backcountry return policies prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction, ensuring maximum benefit. It is essential to understand these policies before requesting returns to maximize your benefits. BackCountry return policy offers various methods for processing returns, with specific steps to follow.

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Details about Backcountry Returns:

Information Details 
Website Back Country
Return time 30 days
Return medium In Store & Online
Refund method Original mode of payment
Contact 1-800-409-4502
Backcountry Returns

What is Backcountry return policy method?

There are two methods for returning your Backcountry merchandise. Backcountry offers both in-store and online return options, allowing customers to return items directly to their store or mail them back to their facility. The procedure is well-structured and user-friendly, ensuring no hassle. Please review it once.

What is Backcountry Return Policy In Store?

Products eligible for return can be returned at any retail store with proof of purchase, whether purchased online, in-store, or by phone. To checkout at a retail location, bring your item with its original packaging, tags, and proof of purchase. Purchases made with cash exceeding $500 will be refunded through store credit or check.

What is Backcountry return policy online?

  • To initiate a return, you need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. You can create a new order from your order history or contact Gearhead for assistance.
  • The sale receipt requires you to fill out the required information, which can also serve as the necessary paperwork for the shipment.
  • To obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authority) number, you need to contact their executive, also known as the “gearhead.”
  • The order can be generated through your Backcountry account by accessing the “order history” tab.
  • The RMA number should be attached and written on the delivery package.
  • The company will send you a confirmation email once your product is received.
  • Send the Package at the given address
  • Returns Department, 2607 South 3200 West Suite A, West Valley City, UT 84119

BackCountry offers a $6.99 prepaid UPS shipping label for eligible U.S. customers who wish to return their products. The label can be printed upon obtaining an RMA number or sent via email once the return is confirmed. Print the shipment label, attach it to the package, and drop it off at any nearby UPS store. The refund amount of $6.95 will be deducted from your refunds, and you will receive the same amount credited.

What is Backcountry Refund Policy?

BackCountry’s refund policy is surprisingly straightforward and hassle-free. The individual expresses immense satisfaction with their response and generousness. It is imperative that you review it at once.

The return department of BackCountry will process the return of new and unused gears once they are received. You can receive a refund at the payment source or store credit if the transaction source is unavailable.

The return department of BackCountry will process the return of both used and undamaged gears upon receipt. You will receive a refund in the form of store credit exclusively in your BackCountry account. The store typically takes 3 to 5 working days to process your return. The process will be communicated to you via email. The refund process will include a $6.99 fee if a return label is used for returning the purchased product. The refund method can be either the original payment method or store credit.

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What is Backcountry Return Policy Condition?

  • When shipping returns, ensure the package is securely packed as the customer is responsible for any losses resulting from improper packaging, as the product may be damaged during the shipment.
  • The store credit you received for your returned items is valid for one year from the date of issue. Store credits are valid for a period of 90 days.
  • To initiate an exchange, you need an RMA number, which can be created from your order history or contacted by Gearhead.
  • Backcountry advises returning the original product and reordering it instead of initiating an exchange for a faster transaction.

What is Backcountry Exchange Policy?

BackCountry exchange policy is similar to its return policies, but there are some crucial details to be aware of. To initiate an exchange, you need an RMA number. You can create one from your order history or contact Gearhead for assistance. Backcountry recommends returning the original product and reordering for faster transactions.

If you prefer not to exchange, you can contact Gearhead for assistance. The item is in original condition, but cannot be exchanged due to negligence, and must be exchanged within 30 days. New and unused gears in original condition, with original packaging and tags, can be exchanged for a full refund at any time.

What is Backcountry Return Exceptions?

Backcountry offers a return policy for most items, regardless of damage or usage, but there are some exceptions. The store provides store credit for used or damaged items, and the warranty department handles items with a valid warranty period. To return a product with a valid warranty, it is essential to contact the warrant department first.

What is Backcountry return Policy For Faulty Items?

If your gear has a manufacturer defect and your order is over 30 days old, contact [email protected] to check if your product is covered under warranty. Provide necessary information, such as order number and purchase date, and attach images of the defected part. If your order is under 30 days old, contact customer care at 1800-409-4502.

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Backcountry Warranty Claims:

We offer assistance with manufacturer defects or warranty replacements. For general warranty issues, contact [email protected], while for bike, frame, or accessory issues, contact [email protected]

To process warranty requests, ensure your email includes the order number, purchase date, product brand, and a brief description of the issue, along with attached photos of the item, including the defect. Backcountry may assist or connect with the vendor for specific products. If a warranty issue arises within 30 days of purchase, Gearhead can provide store credit or product exchange.

Backcountry Contact Details:

For assistance, call Gearhead at 1-800-409-4502. Monday-Friday, 6:00 AM-10:00 PM MT while on Saturdays & Sundays 8:00 AM-8:00 PM MT.

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Does Backcountry offer free returns?

Backcountry returns are free for in-store purchases. The shipping fee for online returns is $6.99.

Can I return used gear to Backcountry?

Backcountry only accepts returns for unused items with original tags, and no returns are accepted for used gears.

In how many days can I get a refund?

The refund process typically begins within 3 to 5 business days.

In how many days can I return the product to the Backcountry?

You have 30 days to return your product. The product must be returned in its original condition along with all its tags and proof of purchase.


Backcountry’s returns policy stands as a beacon of customer-centric convenience. Whether you’re returning unused gear or seeking an exchange, our comprehensive guide has unveiled the secrets to navigating the process seamlessly. With expert tips and insider insights, you’re now equipped to make the most of Backcountry’s generous return policy, turning your shopping experience into a stress-free adventure.

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