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Zenni Return Policy 2024 | All Return Methods Explained

Zenni offers a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. The return request can be submitted online, by phone, or through chat. The company offers a one-year extended warranty for photochromic films and anti-reflective coating. The warranty does not cover daily wear and tear damages.

Zenni offers a 50% refund on credit card for orders returned within 30 days of receiving the glasses. You can receive a one-time 100% refund as store credit at Zenni Optical, but shipping charges are non-refundable under the zenni return policy.

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Details of Zenni Returns

Website Zenni Optical
Return Time 30 days
Return MethodOnline
Refund ModeOriginal Payment Method

Zenni Return Method

To return an item purchased at Zenni, you must contact them within 30 days of the purchase date. Your return request will only be accepted once you receive a return authorization number. To obtain your return authorization number, contact Zenni through phone, mail, or chat with their customer support team, and learn about their return policy process.

Return Via Mail

To return an item, send an email to [email protected] and provide the reason for the return. Zenni Optical Return Policy requires you to provide your order number and other billing details regarding your purchase.

Return Through Call

Zenni’s return policy process is straightforward, as it’s as simple as calling them and requesting a return. The contact number for their services is (800)-211-2105, available from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM. After receiving your return authorization number from any online method, ensure to pack the item in the hard plastic case you received. The item should be sent to the address specified by the return authorization number.

If you received any accessories during your order, you are required to return them as well. If your eyeglasses were incorrectly designed, you can provide a note and attach your doctor’s prescription for reference. Zenni will conduct a thorough inspection of your product upon receiving the return parcel and initiate a refund.

Return Via Online Chat

To return an item through online chat, you must contact their contact support page. The form requires you to provide your purchase details, email address, your concern, and the reason for the return. If you received a damaged product, you can attach images for further reference. The Zenni customer support team will respond to your submission of the form.

Zenni Refund Policy

Zenni’s return policy allows full refunds for items returned within 30 days of purchase. Zenni is responsible for all shipping expenses. Zenni provides refunds in two ways: as the original payment method or as a store credit.

The refund process is exclusively for eyewear accessories such as eyeglass chains, cases, or light laser pens, not the original payment mode. Store credit card payments only offer 50% returns in the original mode of payment, with the remaining balance being refunded. If you purchased an item using both credit card and store credit, the credit card portion will be refunded, and only 50% of the store credit will be issued as another store credit.

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Zenni Return Policy Key Points

Zenni’s return policy is quite challenging, with the majority of complaints centered around this aspect of their products. If you are not satisfied with a product, it may be challenging to return it and receive a refund. If an error is made by Zenni Optical, you will receive a full refund. You can receive a 100% refund if you receive an incorrect pair of glasses with incorrect power. In such instances, you will receive a partial refund for your shipping and handling charges.

If there is no manufacturing defect, only 50% of the original price will be refunded to you. Despite the stated statement, you are not entitled to a refund for shipping and handling fees.

Zenni provides a 30-day warranty period. The manufacturer allows customers to return glasses for examination within a specified timeframe if they find any manufacturing defects. If Zenni’s examination reveals that the glasses do not match your request, you will receive a free replacement.

The warranty covers defective photochromatic lenses and anti-reflective coating for one year from the date of product receipt. The warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of lenses, frames, or coatings.

Zenni does not offer lens replacement services but provides how-to videos on their website for learning how to change lenses from one frame to another.

Zenni Exchange Policy

Zenni does not provide an exchange for products that have been purchased once. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase or the item, you can return it and place a new order. As there is no exchange policy at Zenni.

Customers will have to follow the Zenni return policy if they want to exchange the product. Mail the item back to the Zenni store, wait until your product is confirmed by Zenni And you get a confirmation email. It suggests that first you mail the item back and then place a new order. Shipping fee and other handling charges will be deducted from the customer’s account.

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Order Cancellation Policy

Zenni’s custom-made glasses are difficult to cancel due to the difficulty of transferring work to another client. To address this, they only allow full refunds within 24 hours of placing an order. After that, you can cancel for store credit or a 50% refund to your payment account. After the order has shipped, Zenni’s 30-day return policy applies. This ensures that Zenni can handle your glasses order efficiently and effectively.

Zenni Gift Card Policy

This card is redeemable for merchandise purchases only from Zenni’s website and cannot be used for additional gift cards, certificates, or other goods or services. It has no expiration date or dormancy fee. For general questions, call 1-800-211-2105 or visit official website. The card has no value until purchased and has a cash value of 1/100¢.

If a card is lost or stolen, SVM can restore credit to the online account with proof of ownership. The card is not redeemable for cash except as required by law. Returns on merchandise purchased with a gift card are only eligible for store credit, minus shipping costs.

Contact Details

Zenni Optical offers customer service in English, Spanish, and French through a phone number: 1-800-211-2105. The number is available daily from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM PT. If the phone number is unavailable or the line is busy, alternative methods are available. The Zenni Optical website also provides an email address, live chat, and FAQs section for further assistance.

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You have 30 days to make a return at Zenni.

If you received a damaged or defective product by the company then you can make a return of the damaged product. Otherwise, you are not eligible to return the damaged product.

You can return your item and receive a refund in the form of your original payment method or store credits.

Zenni does not offer an exchange policy. If you want to exchange the product first you need to return the product, if the item is accepted by the company, then you can place a new order.

For customer service you can make a call at (800)-211-2105. Customer service will be happy to help you. Customers can also send them an email.

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