Swarovski Return Policy

Swarovski Return Policy 2023 | Your Step-by-Step Return Process

Discover Swarovski Return Policy guidelines – explore easy returns, swift refunds, and step-by-step processes. Uncover how to initiate hassle-free returns for your Swarovski purchases.

What is Swarovski Return Policy?

Within 14 days of making your Swarovski purchase, you should submit a return if you would want to exchange it or receive a refund. It will be necessary for you to submit your request by email. Additionally, ship the things to them in their original condition, carefully packaged. You will be refunded in full if qualified.

Additional Information:

Information Details 
Website https://www.swarovski.com/ 
Return time 14 days 
Return medium In Store & Online 
Exchange NA
Refund period10 days 
Contact +9101244107173
Swarovski Return Policy

What is Swarovski Return Method?

You have two choices if you wish to return the item to Swarovski. You have two options for returning an internet purchase: you can do it online or offline. You must look for the participating Swarovski store in your area in order to use offline mode.

What is Swarovski Return Policy Online?

Returning an item and exchanging it requires following the easy procedures outlined in the Swarovski return policy. This is how to make an online return.

Make a return label using their online tool. 

Input your registered email address and order number.

Utilising the original packaging materials, pack your returned item in its original condition.

Complete the return form, including the reason for the return and the quantity of things you’re returning, and attach it to the box.

In order for them to start processing your return within 24 hours of receiving it, you need to send the return form together with your item.

On your return form, don’t forget to indicate the quantity of returned goods and the reason for the return. Before the procedure is finished, please make sure you have the proof of return postage and keep it secure.

What is Swarovski Return Policy In Store?

If a customer wants to return a product at store, customer has to bring the product back to the nearest store along with all original receipt, online purchase receipt, original packing slip, or a copy of the shipping confirmation email, whatever applies to it. Speak to customer service and tell them that you want to return, they can help you to complete your return if you’re eligible. All online returns will be accepted in all Swarovski click and collect locations in accordance with the company’s return policy. To find out more about nearby physical stores, using the store locator feature.

What is Swarovski Exchange Policy?

No, according to Swarovski’s return policy, you are unable to exchange any merchandise. There is no way for us to swap it out. You must order the new item you desire and return the old one. As there is no exchange policy, so it is requested first return your product via mail or store to get a full refund and then place a new order. Shipping fee and other handling charges will be borne by you. If you need more assistance contact the customer service department.

What is Swarovski Return Policy Exception?

If you’re reading about Swarovski’s return policy, you should be aware of a few special situations. in order for you to be able to return your items to Swarovski with ease.

It is also not allowed to return unpacked Swarovski masks, with the exception of gift cards, Creator’s Lab goods, and Swarovski masks (for hygienic reasons only). Should you decline the product’s delivery, the delivery boy will package the item and send it to their warehouse. Upon receiving the merchandise in accordance with Swarovski’s return policy, you will get a reimbursement directly into your account.

If each item’s discount is stated in the offer, you are able to return individual goods. For instance, purchase three goods and receive 10% off each one. If you return any of those items, the remaining ones will be at regular price. Due to the bundle set’s applicable discount.

What is Swarovski Refund Policy?

Your merchandise will be inspected by warehouse staff when it arrives. If, within ten working days, customers get the goods in its original packing and in perfect condition. Your money will then appear in your bank account. You may trace your returned shipment if you’d want to. The refund period is 10 business days, and the refund method is the original mode of payment. For more queries, contact the customer service department.

What is Swarovski Order Cancellation Policy?

Order cancellation requires you to send the merchandise back to Swarovski. Transport-related expenses and risks are borne by Swarovski Crystal Online AG. However, you will be responsible for the regular shipping costs (uninsured basic shipment) for returns on orders under EUR 40. After the cancellation date, the returned item must be received within 14 days.

After they receive the returned item in its original condition, free from defects and damage, the reimbursement process will begin.

What is Swarovski Return Policy For Customized item?

Please be aware, customers, that Swarovski does not accept returns or exchanges for customised items. It is difficult for the business to offer the customised item for resale because it represents the customer’s personal decision. As a result, they strictly prohibit returns for things that are customised.

Swarovski Return Policy for Single item From a Set:

It is not feasible at all to return any individual piece of the set. According to Swarovski’s return policy, you must return the entire set; individual pieces are not returnable. These products arrive in a set, therefore if you need to return any of the items in that particular set, you must return the entire set. No returns of individual pieces from the set are permitted.

Swarovski Contact Details:

You acknowledge that the information you submit while registering on the websites is truthful, accurate, and comprehensive in every way. You also agree to notify their customer service of any changes to this information by sending an email to [email protected].

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In how many days can I return my product to Swarovski?

To exchange or receive a refund, submit a return request within 14 days of purchasing Swarovski, emailing the request and shipping the item in its original condition.

In how many days can I get a refund?

The refund period is 10 business days, and the refund method is the original mode of payment.

Can I return sale product to Swarovski?

No, customers who bought items during a sale are not eligible for returns under the terms of the Swarovski return policy.

How can I contact with the Swarovski?

You may reach them via phone at +9101244107173. 9:30 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 18:00, Monday through Friday

Does Swarovski offer free returns?

According to the Swarovski return policy, returning an item will cost you regular money. First scenario: a product provided to the client for less than 40 EUR in price. In the second scenario, in the event that the product price is greater than that and, at the time of cancellation, you have not made any consideration payments or the agreed-upon half payment. In that case, you would have to cover the little return expenses. If not, there won’t be any fees associated with returns.


Swarovski Returns Policy ensures a smooth experience in case a purchase needs adjustment. With a clear grasp of the process for refunds and returns, customers can confidently navigate their Swarovski shopping journey. Whether it’s online or in-store, knowing the guidelines empowers individuals to make informed decisions and facilitates a hassle-free return or exchange process.

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