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StockX Return Policy 2024 | Refunds, Returns and More

Discover the ins and outs of StockX return policy, including tips and insights on refunds, returns, and more. Get the most from your StockX shopping experience.

StockX Return Policy:

StockX return policy is strict, only allowing refunds if the company is responsible for the issue. Mistakenly purchased items cannot be returned or exchanged, but they can be resold on the site. StockX returns are calculated on a case-by-case basis. To resolve an order issue, please contact customer service in writing within three days of receiving the item. 

To register an issue, send an email to the customer service team within the 3-day return window. The only time you can expect to receive a return for a faulty arrival is when it is received.

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Details about StockX Returns:

Information Details 
Website StockX 
Return time 3 days 
Return medium Online 
Exchange Medium Online 
Refund methodOriginal Payment Method
StockX Return Policy

StockX Return Method:

Provide them a detailed explanation of any issues with the product, such as undisclosed damage or signs of forgery.

Include photos of the issue and a photo showcasing the StockX verification tag still attached to the item.

The StockX verification tag should contain at least one clear image of the QR code.

Avoid removing the verification tag until you are certain that you are keeping the item. This action will significantly decrease your chances of obtaining a return. StockX typically acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, but there is no guarantee of receiving a refund, exchange, or swap. 

If a company grants an exception, you must return the item from the country indicated on the return label. The item linked to your original shipping address must be updated, as failure to do so may result in additional shipping costs.

StockX Refund Policy:

StockX, as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, cannot guarantee refunds, exchanges, or swaps for their sellers. The absence of a specific return policy means there is no clear timeline for a refund. A refund will not be issued for counterfeit items until the investigation is completed. 

Refunds are typically issued within 7 days of receiving the return. StockX customer service team may provide a specialized timeline for your specific situation. A refund can be obtained by selling a faulty product on StockX to another buyer. Consider reducing your selling price slightly from the initial price to achieve the desired outcome.

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StockX Return Policy Exception:

  • StockX does not offer refunds or exchanges for unwanted sneakers. Customers can list the product and return it for resale.
  • StockX does not offer refunds or exchanges for other products. Instead, list unwanted items and return them for resale.
  • The StockX return policy is widely regarded as highly stringent. The return process requires the product to be in its original condition within a short window to qualify.
  • StockX prohibits returns if the consumer is responsible for purchasing an incorrect item size. 
  • The customer service team will instruct the buyer to resell the item on the site to recover their losses.
  • Most cases do not permit the return of damaged items. StockX may provide a coupon for your next purchase, but this is not a guaranteed solution.
  • The only instances where a return is possible are when the company makes significant mistakes or sells counterfeit items.

StockX Return Policy Condition:

  • The item must be unworn, with its original tag and packaging intact, and the issue should be registered in writing within three business days of receiving the item.
  • The product must be unworn, intact, and in its original packaging, and the issue should be registered in writing within three business days of receiving the item.
  • The return window is set at three days after receiving your item.
  • StockX, as an intermediary between selling and buying parties, maintains anonymity, preventing them from issuing refund or exchange services to customers.
  • If you ordered incorrect size merchandise and need an exchange or refund, you can only resell the item at StockX.
  • To report a defective or unauthentic product, customers must submit a written complaint to StockX within three business days of receiving the product.

StockX Return Policy after 3 days:

The return window is set at three days after receiving your item. StockX products can be resold on the site after 30 days, but the price must be adjusted for any additional wear and tear during that period. The item’s dormant state should not significantly impact its price, if any at all.

StockX Return Policy For Faulty items:

StockX is a real-time marketplace where prices are influenced by supply and demand. Once a Bid and an Ask match, an order is created, and we are unable to provide returns, exchanges, or swaps. If you no longer wish to keep the item, you can always resell it on our platform.

StockX Buyer Promise promises diligent resolution of issues involving damaged or incorrect items. To initiate an inquiry, kindly fill out a Buyer Promise Support Request form within ten days of receiving your item.

StockX Order Cancellation Policy:

StockX ensures that orders cannot be canceled once a seller accepts a bid, fostering trust and increasing the number of items available on the marketplace. To manage your current bid, go to the Current section of your StockX Buying tab. If you’re unsure about placing a bid, follow the item’s product page by clicking the heart icon in the top right corner or the + icon on your mobile device.

After selecting a size, you can check the item’s price by going to My Account and then clicking on Following. StockX strives to provide a top-notch customer experience and will work promptly to resolve any errors made as part of the StockX Buyer Promise. This ensures that buyers can easily find items they’re interested in without committing to a bid.

StockX Contact Details:

To access chat on StockX, log in to your account and click the chat icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Live chat is available on the Help Center and can also be found in the Settings of the mobile app.

StockX customer Service hours:

To receive assistance outside of chat hours, use the “Contact Us” button on the Help Center to open a case and receive email communication from a Customer Service teammate.

Live chat is available in Canada from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET, and in other countries from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time.

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Are There Return Exceptions?

StockX cannot guarantee results due to unique shopping situations. Returns are only guaranteed if exceptions are made and authorized, usually due to a mistake. Buyers must cooperate with the investigative process for issues with counterfeits or fraudulent sales.

In how Many days I will get a refund?

StockX’s Return Policy does not offer a refund due to its live market nature, allowing users to resell items they don’t find suitable at the StockX listing.

Does StockX have buyer protection? claims all items are genuine due to their extensive verification process, but does not offer buyer protection.

What Is The StockX Customer Support Number?

StockX does not have a customer support number, but you can contact their customer services via the provided link or by writing to [email protected].

What is StockX Return Policy?

StockX returns are handled on a case-by-case basis, and customers must contact customer service within three days of receiving an item.  You can return your product within 3 days of purchase.


Understanding StockX return policy is essential for anyone using their platform. While it may seem stringent, it serves to maintain the trust and reliability of their marketplace. It’s important to remember that StockX acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, and as such, refunds and exchanges are not guaranteed. However, exceptions may be made in the case of significant errors or counterfeit items.

To make the most of your StockX experience, always familiarize yourself with their return policy, and if any issues arise, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service within the specified three-day return window. By following these guidelines, you can shop on StockX with confidence and peace of mind.

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