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GOAT Return Policy 2024 | How to Get Your Refund Easily

Your complete guide to Goat return policy, providing insight into the 3-day return window and making your returns hassle-free.

What is Goat Return Policy?

Goat return policy mandates that a product must be returned within three days of receipt. GOAT does not allow returns on shoes or other purchased items within three days of delivery. The GOAT return policy requires careful handling of the product you wish to return. The item(s) must be returned with the GOAT return label and packing slip, as returns cannot be processed without these items.

The item(s) must be in their original condition when sent by GOAT, including no damage, original tags, creases, sole wear, debris, and all original packaging, including all items sent by GOAT.

Details about Goat Returns:

Information Details 
Website Goat 
Return time3 days
Return medium Online 
Refund method Store Credit 
Exchange NA
Contact 1-323-306-4955

What is Goat Return Method?

The GOATs return policy allows items to be returned within three days of receiving the product.

  • To return a product, visit the GOAT website or app and click on the “Request Return” button.
  • To be eligible for a return, your product must meet certain criteria.
  • The product can only be returned if the packaging slip and the brand-provided return label are included.
  • Returning a product without a GOAT return label and the provided packing slip will result in no refund.
  • The item must be in its original and fresh condition. The package must be in good condition, free from any creases, with all original items and tags intact.
  • The recipient will receive a Return Label and must ship the product(s) within three days of receiving it.

The item’s eligibility for return will be determined after 3 days of return. The company typically takes 7 days to process a return, and once approved, the refund will be issued.

GOAT Return Policy

Goat Exchange Policy:

The GOAT return policy prohibits the exchange of products that have been used, washed, or damaged. GOAT is willing to accept a return or exchange for a defective product. An item cannot be exchanged if it is labeled as “Final Sale,” used, special, GOAT storage, or shipped to an address in China. GOAT offers the option to return an unauthentic product or discard it if the original is returned. The exchange period is three days. The exchange method is available online.

What are Goat Return Exceptions?

As a customer, it is crucial to be aware of certain exceptions to their return policy. The official website states that returns on items labeled as “Final Sale” are not possible.

  • The GOAT return policy is not applicable to used items, direct-to-the-buyer items, or items shipped to addresses in China.
  • Additionally, it is not possible to request a return on certain special items.
  • This list includes items such as Sample items, Pre-release, Vintage, Custom, Defect, and more.
  • The company will promptly notify you via email if your return request is denied for any reason.
  • GOAT offers a return option for sneakers, apparel, or accessories if the item is categorized as such. The shipping process will only begin once you have paid for the shipping cost.

What is Goat Refund Policy?

The GOAT refund policy states that a refund will not be issued after three days of receiving the product at the customer’s doorstep. If you request a return within three days, the items will be processed and checked before you receive a refund.

If you request a return within three days, the items will be processed and checked before you receive a refund. After receiving your return approval, they will refund the amount in the form of GOAT credit. The GOAT prohibits customers from receiving refunds for shipping costs for returning the product.

  • The company is not able to refund certain items.
  • Items that are recognized as “Final Sale”
  • Special items are items that are recognized as such.
  • GOAT storage and used items are not eligible for return.
  • Items shipped to a Chinese address are not eligible to return.

What are Goat Return Conditions?

  • Goat does not provide refunds or exchanges for items purchased online during sales or during online purchases. 
  • To return an item to Goat, ensure it has not been washed, worn, or damaged.
  • The original tags have been attached.
  • The returned product must have a valid receipt.

What is Goat Order Cancelation Policy?

You can cancel your order within 3 hours of placing it or before it is confirmed by the seller, whichever comes first. The order cannot be canceled if it has been placed and confirmed by the seller within 3 hours. If neither of the aforementioned events have occurred, you can cancel them by tapping the Cancel button on the Orders screen.

An offer cannot be canceled once it has been accepted by a seller. If you were unable to cancel your order, you can return your items. You can follow the return guidelines mentioned above in this article and start your return process once you receive the item.

Goat Return Policy without Receipt:

To make a successful return you must have to submit the proof of purchase or receipt at Goat. Without a receipt there are more chances that your return will be rejected. 

Goat Faulty Returns Policy:

You can contact Goat customer service if you want to return a faulty, damaged, or defective item. Include the following information: original order number, shipping address, image evidence of the damaged or defective items, P.O. number, and description of how the product fits. The customer service team will try to respond to you as soon as they can.

Goat Contact Details:

Goat offers various email addresses for various inquiries, including privacy requests, complaints, and returns. Their corporate office handles privacy requests at [email protected], while their customer service team handles general inquiries at [email protected].

Goat customer service is available 24/7 through their website and phone number 1-323-306-4955. Live advisors provide general information, address complaints, and assist with account access. The number can also be used for inquiries and finding the right contact for the company.

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Can I Return Opened Product at Goat?

Goat’ return policy allows for the return of new, unused items in their original packaging, provided the attached tags and documents are kept carefully when opening the item.

Can I return without a receipt?

If you lose your sale receipt, you can return products at Goat by presenting your Photo ID and Transaction details.

Can I request a return for my GOAT product after 7 days of the purchase date?

The policy states that a return can only be requested within three days of the purchase date.

Does GOAT refund money?

GOAT.com does not offer money-based refunds, but instead, they will issue refunds in the form of GOAT credit.

In how many days can I Return Product to GOAT?

GOAT’s return policy mandates that a product must be returned within three days of receipt.


GOAT return policy is essential for a seamless shopping experience. With the 3-day return window and clear guidelines, you can confidently shop for sneakers, apparel, and accessories. Maximize your returns, ensure your items are in their original condition, and enjoy hassle-free transactions.

GOAT’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their policy, making it a reliable platform for sneaker enthusiasts. Make the most of your shopping journey and rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

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