Guitar Center Return Policy

Guitar Center Return Policy 2024 | What You Need to Know for Easy Returns

Discover Guitar Center return policy and holiday return perks. Unearth essential guidelines for hassle-free returns and exchange options. Learn how to make the most of your purchase satisfaction.

Guitar Center Return Policy:

When returning an item, many questions arise, such as the return policy for the guitar center. Guitar Center allows customers to return a product within 45 days of purchase. The return process can be initiated both in-store and online. The return policy of Guitar Center has certain limitations.

The product you are attempting to return must be in its original condition. We aim to address all inquiries regarding guitar center, including whether they buy guitars, the coverage provided by guitar center pro, and the duration of their warranty.

Details about Guitar Center Returns:

Information Details 
Website Guitar Center 
Return time 45 days 
Return medium In store & Online 
Exchange NA
Refund method Original mode of payment 
Contact 866-498-7882
Guitar Center Return Policy

Guitar Center Return Policy Holiday:

The Guitar Center holiday return policy offers customers an extended return period. Guitar Center’s holiday season products are eligible for return until January 31st or within 45 days, whichever comes later. Holiday returns are subject to the same conditions and exceptions as the Guitar Center return policy.

Guitar Center Return Methods:

You can purchase your Guitar Center items at a store or through their official website. The Guitar Center Return Policy allows customers to return their unsatisfied purchases to the nearest store or via mail.

Guitar Center Return Policy In Store:

To return or exchange an item at a Guitar Center store, follow these instructions: The Store Locator is a tool that allows users to easily locate the nearest Guitar Center store. Visit the store and ask a staff member to process your return request. If you purchased a product from the Guitar Center store or its website, you can return it to a nearby store.

To avoid paying return shipping charges, locate a nearby Guitar center store. To return a product, ensure you have a printout of the order confirmation email or packing slip, which was included in your original order.

Guitar Center Return Method Online:

You can return your purchased products from via mail. To proceed, ensure that you possess a return authorization code. The code can be obtained by contacting the Guitar Center contact number. The return can be shipped to the provided address on their official website. Guitar Center may impose a minimum 15% restocking fee on products that are not in their original condition upon receipt. They may also decline a return if they receive a product in damaged condition.

The return package should include all original packaging, accessories, warranties, and manuals. If the items are not included in your package, you may be required to pay a return handling fee. The return handling charges are varying depending on the product.  All the online orders should be shipped to:

Guitar Center Exchange Policy:

The Guitar Center’s exchange policy prohibits the request for exchanges for damaged or used products. You have the right to return a damaged product upon receipt. As Guitar Center does not provide exchanges for its products, only allowing customers to return them for a refund.

To exchange, you must first return the item and then place a new order of your choice. Guitar Center offers a price match policy, allowing customers to exchange an identical product if they find a better deal. If you need more assistance, please call the customer service department.

Guitar Center Refund Policy:

This section provides an overview of the Guitar Center refund policy, which outlines the process for returning products. The refund will be processed by Guitar Center once the return is reviewed and meets all necessary requirements. To return a cash purchase over $250, a refund will only be issued using a Visa debit card.

After Guitar Center issues your refund, it may take the bank up to 72 hours to process the credit. If your credit doesn’t appear in your account for an extended period, it’s recommended that you contact Guitar Center’s customer care. The refund period is 2-4 business days, and the refund method is the original mode of payment.

Guitar Center Return Policy Conditions:

  • To return woodwind and brass instruments, a $10.00 sanitization fee will be charged.
  • Returning mouthpieces over $300 incurs an $8.00 sanitization fee, while those under $300 pay $4.00.
  • All the products must be returned according to their specific return window.

Guitar Center Return Exceptions:

The 45-day return policy is not applicable to certain products, as previously stated. 

  • The policy stipulates that vintage instruments must be returned within three days of purchase.
  • The policy allows for the return of items like workstation keyboards, DJ equipment, recording devices, rack signal processors, and lighting/fog machines within 14 days of purchase.
  • The Guitar Center Return Policy prohibits the return of certain products, including CDs, Videos, Books, and Vinyl Records.
  • You are not eligible to return turntable cartridges, tubes, earbuds, earplugs, and in-ear monitors.
  • You are not allowed to return Fog fluid, harmonicas, cleaning products, demo gear, fog fluid, harmonicas, cleaning products, and demo gear.
  • Guitar Center does not accept the return of Apple hardware, computers, opened software, and electronic software downloads.

Order Cancelation Policy:

To cancel an incorrect order from Guitar Center, contact customer service at 866-498-7882 before shipping the item. They will review your order and make necessary changes or cancellations. You can also access your order history to cancel. If you cannot process your cancellation request, you can return the item after shipping, following the Guitar Center return guide. Follow the procedure to ensure a smooth refund process.

Guitar Center Contact Details:

You can contact the Guitar Center Customer Service team on their website and have a chat with their agent, or you can email them using the contact form that is available on their website. You can also call Guitar Center customer support at 866-498-7882.

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Can I return a used guitar to Guitar Center?

The statement states that used guitars are not eligible for return at Guitar Center. The instrument or its accessories must be in good condition, and a 15% restocking fee may be charged if the product is not in good condition.

Does Guitar Center offer free returns?

Customers are responsible for paying the handling charges and shipping fee. To reduce the cost of returning online purchases, it is recommended to return them in-store.

Can Guitar Center retail stores process International returns?

The statement states that Guitar Center retail stores are unable to process international returns.

How do I contact their customer service department?

The Guitar Center’s Social Media Customer Service can be contacted through various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. To contact Guitar Center’s Customer Service, dial +1 801-501-8847.

Can I return online purchases to the Guitar Center Store?

Guitar Center offers the option to return online purchased items in-store.


Guitar Center returns policy empowers you to shop with confidence. With a generous 45-day return window and extended options during the holiday season, you have the flexibility to make the right choices. Remember to keep your purchases in original condition and follow the return methods for a smooth process. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, Guitar Center has your back when it comes to returns and refunds, ensuring your shopping experience hits all the right notes. Happy shopping and rock on!

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