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Discover Att Return Policy demystified! Learn about return timelines, methods, exceptions, and refund processes. Explore hassle-free returns, refunds, and exchanges with AT&T’s comprehensive guide.

What is Att Return Policy?

Att return policy states that equipment and services purchased directly from Att are returnable. For consumers who qualify as Consumers and Individual Responsibility Users (IRU), AT&T’s return policy encourages returning things within 14 days after purchase. The return time for Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) is 30 days from the date of purchase.

Additional Information about Att Return Policy:

Information details
Return time 30 days 
Return medium In Store & Online 
Refund Method Original mode of payment 
Contact 800-331-0500
Att Return Policy

What is Att Return Policy Condition?

Customers must be aware of specific criteria under AT&T’s return policy. If you do not meet any of the following requirements, your return request will be denied.

  • After the corresponding return time window has passed, no returns will be allowed.
  • The items must be unopened and in their original packaging.
  • Depending on the condition of the merchandise, a 10% restocking charge may be levied.
  • The original receipt is required.
  • The item’s components must be complete.

What is Att Return Method?

The mode of return for your Att item is determined on how you made the initial purchase. Let’s have a look at the various options-

If you placed your item on Premier and chose in-store pickup, you must return it to that exact Att company-owned retail location.

If you placed your order on Premier over the phone and got it, you can either send it back or take it to any AT&T retail shop.

If you intend to return any of the equipment purchased from AT&T, you must contact customer service and request a return.

Any individual cannot process purchases made from merchants. 

You must adhere to the return instructions provided by the retailer.

What is Att Return Policy In Store?

If you want to return your purchases in-store, you can do so within 30 days at any AT&T location. To return AT&T items, follow the procedures below:

  • To begin, you must determine whether you are eligible for a refund by determining whether you purchased the product through an appropriate channel, which are as follows:
  • AT&T corporate retail shop
  • AT&T customer service on the phone
  • Online at
  • You must first locate a local retailer before proceeding with the return.
  • After inspecting the store, get the invoice and proceed to your nearest retailer.
  • Make sure you have a return receipt for the order before travelling to the store.
  • Bring the products return receipt and purchase confirmation letter to the customer service desk, and they will assist you in processing your return.
  • Your refund will be sent immediately to the original method of payment.

What is Att Return Policy Online?

  • You must pack and mail your products back to the company’s address.
  • If you want to return your purchases using the shipping label, you must complete the instructions below:
  • Return all products in the original packaging, including the device, battery, charger, manual, unopened software, and a copy of the invoice or receipt.
  • You should have received a return label along with the original package.
  • Locate and apply the return label to the box.
  • If you cannot find the return label, please call customer support at 1-800-331-0500.
  • Return instructions are included on the product’s return slip.
  • On the return label, you may drop off your goods at a local UPS drop box.

What is Att Exchange Policy?

At Att, Exchanges are subject to the same conditions and limitations of the Att return policy. You can exchange any item that you are unsatisfied with, within the timeframe mentioned at returns. The exchange timeline too is different for consumers and corporations. Corporates enjoy a 30 days exchange whereas consumers have a 14 day exchange period. However, a phone or a device has a limited 14days exchange period. A restocking fee may be applicable up to $55 for devices, not including tablets or iPads. However, a restocking fee does not apply to the following items when they’re returned to AT&T unopened:

  • Defective equipment
  • iPhone
  • iPad

The exchange period is 30 days, and the exchange method is either in-store or by mail.

What is Att Return Policy Exception?

Att products are generally eligible for returns, but certain non-returnable items, such as closeout items, prepaid refills and gift cards, insurance replacement items, and cosmetic blemish items, are not eligible.

If you are unable to meet the return criteria and have shipped your goods back to Att, your return request will be denied according to Att’s return policy.

What is Att Refund Policy?

According to AT&T’s return policy, they will execute your refund to the original means of payment (credit, debit, cheque, etc.). It may take up to two months for the credit to appear in your account, and AT&T will subtract the amount of the refund for restocking fees or shipping expenses.

AT&T provides a refund in the form of the original payment for transactions made using a credit or debit card that are valid for up to two months.

Refunds are available for up to two months and can be made in cash or cheque.

PayPal provides its users with a two-month free trial.

What is Att Order Cancellation Policy?

To cancel an order, visit the Check order status page, enter the order number and ZIP code, select the desired order, and click on the link to cancel the order or item. If you cannot cancel online, contact us. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. Remember, once your order has shipped, you cannot cancel it. You must wait for delivery and return it during the Buyer’s Remorse Exchange period. For more information, visit our online page or learn about order management in the Forums.

Att Contact Details:

AT&T customer service offers various phone numbers for various product and service categories, including wireless support at 800-331-0500 or 611 on mobile devices, bill, account & tech support at 800-288-2020, and new service at 866-861-6075.’s forum is a 24/7 online platform for community members to interact and ask questions about ATT products, services, and processes. Users can also receive tech support and share tips. However, there is no direct contact with ATT customer support.

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In how many days can I return products to Att?

AT&T’s return policy allows equipment and services purchased directly from the company, with IRUs requiring returns within 14 days, and CRUs 30 days from purchase date.

Can I return my product in the store?

If your product is purchased from the store, you can conveniently exchange it in-store.

In how many days will I get a refund?

Your refund may take 10 days to 2 months to appear in your account.

Does Att offfer an exchange policy?

To exchange an AT&T Certified Restored device for a new one, contact customer service and pay the price difference between the two devices.

What is att Restocking fee Policy?

There will be no restocking fee if you place your order online and return the item within 14 days. If your online buy was picked up from the shop, however, you can simply return the item in-store to avoid any restocking fee.


Att returns policy ensures a smooth experience for refunds, exchanges, and returns. Whether you’re navigating in-store or online returns, adhering to the specific guidelines, timelines, and exceptions outlined by AT&T is crucial. By following these steps, you can make the most of their return policy, facilitating a seamless process for refunds, exchanges, and hassle-free returns.

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