Tesla Return Policy 2024 | 30 Days to Drive Satisfaction

Discover the ins and outs of Tesla Return Policy in this comprehensive guide. From navigating the 30-day window to understanding refund processing, we’ve got you covered. Drive satisfaction with confidence knowing the steps to take for a hassle-free return experience.

What is Tesla Return Policy?

Tesla’s return policy primarily focuses on vehicle accessories and merchandise, not the vehicles themselves. Tesla Shop or retail locations offer a 30-day return window for unopened and unused vehicle accessories and merchandise purchased.

Unused products with a 30-day return window are eligible for a 15% restocking fee. Customers can initiate the return process through the Tesla Returns Process online, which requires requesting and approving the product being returned.

Details about Tesla Return Policy:

Information Details 
Website https://www.tesla.com/
Return time 30 days
Exchange NA
Refund mode Original Payment mode
Restocking fee15%

How to Return a Tesla Products?

There are two methods to return tesla products, in store and online method.

Online Tesla Return Policy:

To initiate a return for products purchased from the Tesla Shop, log in to your Tesla Account and follow the instructions provided in your order details.

To initiate a return request for an item purchased as a guest or via Apple Pay, access your order using your order number and email address.

After their customer support team inspection and approves your return, you will receive a pre-paid return shipping label via email for shipment to their warehouse.

Tesla Service Centers are unable to process returns or refunds for items purchased online.

Tesla Return Policy In Store:

To return an order from a Tesla retail location, visit a Tesla Sales, Service, or Delivery Center. Tesla retail orders must be returned to select locations for their satisfaction. You need to bring back your product to the retail location where you actually bought it from. The product must be returned in its original condition. If you need any help for the return process, you can ask store employees. They will gladly help you to return your purchase.

What is Tesla Return Policy Condition?

  • Unopened, unused vehicle accessories and merchandise can be returned within 30 days.
  • Opened, unused products can be returned within 60 days.
  • Some returns, including opened ones, may incur a 15% restocking fee.

What is Tesla Exchange Policy?

Unfortunately, Tesla does not offer an exchange policy. If you are not satisfied with the purchase and want to exchange then it is recommended that, First you have to return the product for the refund and then place a new order. The product must comply with their return policy condition otherwise you are not eligible to return. If you need more assistance feel free to contact the customer service department.

What is Tesla Refund Policy?

Tesla typically processes refunds within 7-10 business days after the returned product has been inspected and arrived at their warehouse. Your refund will be issued in the form of the original payment method you used initially. You will get a confirmation email about your refund processing.

Tesla may deduct the return shipping fee from your refund in certain instances. The company will not deduct the shipping fee if the return was due to a fault on their part, such as a product defect. For more queries, contact the customer service department.

What is Tesla Return Policy Exception?

  • You are not eligible to return used or installed products.
  • You are not allowed to make a return of improper items, for example if you have lost any part of the product.
  • You cannot make a return if the kits are either incomplete or the package quantities are damaged.
  • The order includes personal items like wheels and steering packages, collected by customers regardless of installation status, and are not allowed to return.

What is Tesla Order Cancellation Policy?

If you want to cancel or change an order, you need to contact the Tesla customer service department. They aim to promptly process cancellation requests, which may take up to 30 days to complete. Tesla charges a full refund for orders cancelled due to pricing errors or product differences, or may retain the payment as terminated damages, unless prohibited by law.

If the order is cancelled due to these issues, Tesla will refund the paid Order Fee. If you are unable to cancel your order, you need not to worry, you can easily return them within 30 days of purchase. If you need any help to return you can get this from this article. All the return process is explained in detail.

What is Tesla Gift Card Policy?

Tesla gift cards are final sale items that cannot be returned, resold, canceled, or used to purchase other Tesla gift cards. Tesla gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by law. Tesla gift cards are non-expiring and do not come with any additional fees. A gift card-purchased product can be returned for a refund to the original payment method. 

Tesla will refund items purchased using both a gift card and a credit card via split payment, processing up to the full amount paid using the gift card first, and any remaining balance will be refunded to the original order’s credit card.

Tesla Delivery and Shipping Policy:

  • The Tesla app is used to confirm registration and delivery details.
  • The app also allows users to choose whether to trade in their current vehicle or finance the new Tesla.
  • The vehicle is available for pickup at a delivery center or delivered to the customer’s location.
  • Delivery steps vary depending on location and eligibility.
  • Express Delivery: Tesla will deliver the vehicle to an eligible delivery address.
  • Tesla Direct: Tesla will deliver the vehicle to an approved delivery address.
  • Carrier Direct: Delivery from an independent carrier is available for customers who live more than 220 miles from the nearest Tesla delivery location.
  • Before Shipment: Customers must sign and return any financing, leasing, or trade-in documents.
  • Delivery Day: Delivery timing is confirmed by the independent carrier.
  • For Hawaii deliveries, vehicles are available for pick up at the Tesla delivery location on Oahu only.
  • Prior to receiving the vehicle, it is recommended to watch the Tesla Tutorial videos and download the Tesla app.

Tesla Contact Details:

Tesla customer service numbers are 1-888-518-3752, 1-877-798-3752, and 1-888-765-2489. These numbers are used for technical issues, general information, complaints, and suggestions for improvement. For roadside assistance, live agents are available 24/7. For energy product inquiries, call 1-888-765-2489.

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In how many days can I make a return?

Tesla offers 30 days to return your product. It is recommended that your vehicles or accessories must be unopened and unused.

When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be issued within 7 to 10 business days in the form of the original payment method you used initially.

What would happen if I received a wrong or defective product?

Upon receipt, inspect your order and contact them immediately if it’s defective, damaged, or wrong. They’ll evaluate the issue and rectify it. Unfortunately, they can’t accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

Can I return used products to Tesla?

Absolutely not, you cannot return the used product products. If your product is opened but unused then you will have to pay a 15% restocking fee.

Does Tesla offer an exchange policy?

Unfortunately, Tesla does not offer an exchange policy.


Tesla’s returns policy offers clarity and convenience for customers seeking to make returns. With a 30-day window, clear guidelines on unused and opened products, and a straightforward refund process, Tesla ensures a smooth experience for its patrons. By understanding the nuances of the policy outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the return process and drive satisfaction with your Tesla purchase.

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